The “Teacher Coupon Book” was conceived to rightfully and openly recognize and to sincerely express gratitude to members of the education profession who relentlessly strive for excellence in their work with young students. Administrators, Faculty, and Staff at every school, on a daily basis, touch the future through their hard work and dedication while ensuring that all students receive the individual help and attention that they need as they prepare to be the future leaders of our community, our state, and our nation.

The Teacher Coupon Book has a focus on faculty and staff and on the critical role that they have in our society. Its efforts are also to reward all school employees with great discounts and reduced offers provided by community entities that greatly support the teaching profession.

“The Teacher Coupon Book” is a composite of advertisements from area restaurants and businesses that support and applaud school faculty and staff for their professional enthusiasm, their commitment, and their loyalty to all of our students. The majority of the ads have a one-time coupon for free food, discounts, and other offers. Other ads are from strong community supporters who wish to express their good wishes for success and gratefulness to educators. All ads are strictly nonpolitical and serve only to earnestly acknowledge and appreciate the people who serve our students.

Attention Teachers, Faculty and Staff!